Saturday, October 30, 2010

My Daughter, Singing

I had lunch with (among others) a voice teacher today.  Talking with her made me nostalgic.  For years, until my daughter Ruth went off to college in Iowa we could rely on hearing her sing, regularly, if only in the shower.  She performed in many musicals with the local children's theater company and took voice lessons which, every semester, culminated in a recital.  When, finally, she was heading off to college she had a recital all her own.  Ruth is also an actress and I think that fact is evident in her singing much of the time.

I am no music expert; I don't know enough to assess her voice or her skill from a professional's standpoint.  I know only that l enjoyed listening to her sing and I'm very happy to have these recordings.  Ruth has not expressed any desire to pursue performing as a career (although she has considered teaching drama and, perhaps, voice).  I suspect that she will always sing as a hobby -- she's a member of a gospel group at Grinnell.  I may not have very many opportunities to hear her sing in the future so I listened to all of these this evening and had a very good time:

Moments In The Woods
Jonah Man
Crossword Puzzle
Who Will Love Me As I Am? (Duet)
Go 'Way From My Window
If No One Every Marries Me
I Remember
The Ballad of Jenny and Don't Fence Me In

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