Monday, June 11, 2001


Saturday morning, Baslow took a walk around Fort Tryon Park and then headed back up Broadway to his home. A photographic record of his walk can be found here.

Thursday, June 07, 2001



Dear Friend,

Children's Express, an award-winning, nonprofit youth journalism program, needs your help to bring youth voices to adult media. For more than 25 years we've been empowering children all over the world through print, radio and video projects that rely on oral journalism to make the youth perspective a regular part of our national discussion. We are working on some great projects right now and we hope we can count on your support to continue our work into the next quarter century.

One of our main efforts has been to develop and market Children's Express' innovative radio pieces called "Fact/Voice" segments. These short broadcasts personalize statistics that pertain to young people. The New York bureau is creating the several pieces for pilot talk shows for XM Satellite Radio and Sesame Street. But these pieces - ranging from the stereotyping of children to homework woes to homeless youths - may never air if we can't count on people like you, people who respect and listen to the voices of youths, to support our work.

During the past 12 months, Children's Express New York has made a huge effort to listen to children in hard to reach areas. With a generous grant from the Japanese government Children's Express Worldwide was able to launch the Learn from Us program, a project that involves kids from all three North American bureaus plus ones from Tokyo. This summer, CE journalists will moderate a panel at educational hearings in Japan. In February, two CENY journalists joined a Unicef media tour of the reconstruction efforts in the Gujarat state of India, where a massive earthquake left more than 600,000 children homeless and destroyed half of Gujarat's 30,000 schools.

We've also done some remarkable stories at home. Kisha Kantasingh, 17, and Wade Spiner, 10, went to Staten Island to interview young amputees from Sierra Leone who were being fitted with donated prosthetics. "The article on Sierra Leone is incredible," wrote one adult reader. "I have been reading about Sierra Leone in other papers, but this time the impact on what is happening...caught my attention. Could it be because the article is written by a child?" Stories scheduled for June include the impact of plus-size junior models on young people, Ritalin testing on preschoolers and high school dropouts. We are also in the process of scheduling interviews with all of New York City's mayoral candidates.

Without your support these stories can't happen - and these young voices won't be heard. Please help us bring the youth perspective to the adult media.

Checks should be made out to Children's Express (NY Bureau) and sent to:
Children's Express (NY Bureau)
19 West 21st Street
Suite 1001
New York, New York, 10010.

Thank you,

Alexandra Berke, 16
Board of Directors

Katina Paron Director,
Children's Express New York

The children’s theatre of Holy Trinity Episcopal Church
20 Cumming Street New York, New York 10034
(212) 567-2329
Web site:
Rey-Rey, Artistic Director

June 4, 2001


The Pied Piper Children’s Theatre of NYC, a youth-run theatre at Holy Trinity Episcopal Church-Inwood in Upper Manhattan, is proud to present CINDERELLA in Hawaii by Lisa Sikes with music by Rey-Rey and lyrics by Denise Evarts. This new musical is directed by Rey-Rey, the theatre’s Artistic Director and founder with sets designed by Sarah Morgridge. Children ages 5 to 16 are involved in all aspects of the production. Performances will be on June 23 and 30 at 3PM and 7PM and June 24 and July 1 at 3PM. All performances are at Holy Trinity Episcopal Church-Inwood, 20 Cumming Street, Upper Manhattan. Admission charge is $6 for adults and $3 for children under 16. Group rates are also available. For more information please call (212) 567-2329.

This hilarious new musical written for children’s voices, takes the original story of Cinderella and brings it to Hawaii with a very wacky twist. All the characters of the original fairy tale are present, as well as other characters such as an Elvis-like Big Bad Wolf. The musical is full of wonderful tunes, great humor, and plenty of wit sure to bring lots of excitement to children and grownups.

The Pied Piper Children’s Theatre of NYC (PPCT) is a non-denominational, non-sectarian outreach program of Holy Trinity Episcopal Church-Inwood. The theatre is committed to creating a non-threatening place where children ages 5 to 16 can explore their creativity and learn new theatrical and musical skills. Since its first production in October of 1999, over one hundred and fifty children and adolescents have gone through the program. This has generated a strong community of children and families from different income levels and ethnic backgrounds.

Each season, 6 six-week-long sessions are offered during each of which a full-scale production is mounted. These sessions include script reading, character analysis, diction, movement, acting and voice production, among other things. Auditions to the program examine interest and attitude as well as aptitude. Participants rehearse an average of two hours, three times a week under the supervision and guidance of Artistic Director Reinaldo (‘Rey-Rey’) Martinez- Cubero, Production Coordinator Dayna Beegun, and Set Designer Sarah Morgridge.

[Rulizow will be playing the Fairy Godmother in one of the two alternating casts...ED.]