Saturday, September 18, 2010


The other day a friend of mine told a bunch of us about a reception she had attended which seemed to be populated almost entirely by "beautiful people".  These people were, most of them, worthwhile individuals who (no doubt) spend the greatest parts of their lives in worthwhile pursuits.  Collected together on occasions such as the one in question, however, they seem to undergo a transformation into glossy, overly poised individuals who devote an inordinate portion of their efforts to being seen.    I got the impression that these were people who, under these circumstances, carefully calculated the picture they would make before they made any moves, adopted any postures.

Contemplating the scene being described I felt stirred to action.

"This sounds like a job..."
I whipped off my glasses.
"...for a schlub!"

I have been thinking, in the days since then, about just what jobs ARE jobs for schlubs.  Interesting question, when you think about it.  Having racked my brains I finally decided to consult the Oracle at Internet.  In my browser I typed in the following:

and clicked "Go". 

I am still trying to figure out the result...

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