Monday, October 11, 2010

Free Music Archive

The Free Music Archive is a curated site which features free music exclusively. They currently host about 26,000 mp3s -- in a broader range of genres than is typically the case. Most definitely worth checking out...

Just a few hours ago, we rolled out a bunch of site tweaks + improvements, including Recent Activity Feeds for user profiles, the oft requested scrobbling, and the long-awaited Message Board (aka "the Forum")!

Before I explain my excitement, I just want to point out that with 26,473 curated mp3s and counting, that's a lot of web pages, and a lot of different spaces where conversations can take place. Up until now these discussions have been kind of decentralized, so I'm excited to see what happens to the FMA community now that we have a centralized Discussion Forum for announcements and conversation.

We're a pretty unique global network of musicians, label-owners, industry folk, multimedia artists, bloggers, podcasters, video producers, radio storytellers, documentarians, archivists, people who love music, free culture advocates, copyright/left-ies, open source hackers... and most of us actually seem to wear quite a few of these hats.

We've all come together in the midst of this extremely disruptive yet incredibly innovative moment for music. To share music, of course. But also to talk about the tech and legal currents that surround us. And maybe to start the world's raddest animated gif thread, and share homebrewing recipes for Free Beer.

There is so much potential in the FMA Forum, and it's entirely up to you where it goes from c'mon and introduce yourself!

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