Saturday, August 28, 2010

They're Throwing An All-Day Concert In The Lot Next to My Son's House

...and Joel has a few thoughts

I get that South Side has the constitutional right to hold an open-air all-day concert and booze-a-palooza in the vacant lot IMMEDIATELY outside my window (I mean, it’s right there.  I could throw an egg at the acoustic guitarist playing what sounds like a pretty edgy ditty from the comfort of my bed, if I was a more mean-spirited and possibly forty-seven-years-older/crotchety individual).  I get that at least the first and possibly third, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, and tenth amendments (because those are the ones, within the Bill of Rights, whose purpose I don’t understand- time for a civics lesson!) entitle South Side to do this.  I also get that for many Tremonters (and guests who frequent our admittedly sweet restaurant scene) will probably really enjoy this event.  Lord knows I enjoyed Ale Fest, in Lincoln Park:

This was definitely in the Top 5 best days of the summer. It would have been number one if Emelio didn't freakin' smell so much.

So I can’t really blame people.  If it wasn’t next to my domicile and didn’t wake me up at 9:00 with the sounds of pavilion/stage erection, I’d probably enjoy it too, if I had the cash to do so.

But dudes, good neighbor policy (no, not that one!) dictate that you at least give personal notice (and not just the flyers they posted advertising the thing either), if you’re not gonna ask for permission and blessing, before throwing a loud all-day rager!  I mean come on.  This could be a house full of Case Med Students trying to cram for a monster test.  It isn’t, and I plan on being a layabout today (hence writing this post), but some consideration if you please!

Now granted, my sentiments do come from a place of bias.  I really wish that I owned that lot so I could put a community garden there.  It’s really a gorgeous little plot, with pretty damn lush grass that, while I know nothing about soil quality, I hope means that it’d be good for at least growing some community plots and maybe erecting a chicken coop.  I admit it, I covet the heck out of my neighbor’s property.  And I am sometimes envious of the meat-smells wafting in my general direction from South Side.  And occasionally am irritated by the roar of departing motorcycles while I’m trying to sleep.  And I sometimes fantasize about the awesome view of downtown we’d have from our porch if South Side didn’t exist.

But all that counter-evidence notwithstanding, I really wish they’d have at least asked before throwing this thing.  My theoretical exams/yoga regimen/poetry composition/data entry are really being compromised (or would be if I was going to do them) by ‘The Lot’ (the title of the party being thrown right next door… or plot).

Ah well, at least rent is cheap.


Joel currently lives in Tremont, a neighborhood in Cleveland

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