Wednesday, March 28, 2001


Today is Rulizow's real birthday. She and her mother baked brownies yesterday for a birthday celebration held in her class today. We brought them down to her school this morning.

We've ordered out from Hoppin' Jalapenos as a special treat for dinner tonight (to be topped off by cheesecake purchased at Carrot Top Bakery).

Rulizow received presents from her friends at her party last weekend, of course, but we withheld most of the presents we'd gotten her until today, her real birthday. Unfortunately, we withheld a number of them because they had not yet been delivered. Baslow had ordered them from Amazon, which normally ships them from Delaware. This time, however, they shipped out of Nevada and are taking longer than usual to arrive. Rulizow, though disappointed, is being good-natured about the glitch.

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