Tuesday, February 27, 2001


Baslow had expected that David's interview with WABC-TV would be recorded. It was not. It was a getting-to-know-you meeting with producers and reporters. WABC-TV will be along on the press tour. Besides covering the tour itself and the aftermath of the earthquake they will be covering the two Children's Express reporters, viewing the experiences of the tour through their eyes. They've asked to interview Baslow and Mrs. Baslow at the airport.

David made his way from his Middle School crosstown to the WABC studios by himself. He met the newly-appointed New York Bureau Chief of Children's Express on Columbus Avenue and together they talked to the WABC people. David reports that he was taken aback by the makeup onscreen personalities have to wear. He chatted with producers, with an anchorperson, and with a reporter. They asked David a few questions about himself and about what he expected to find in India.

It didn't last very long; David and the Bureau Chief had to make their ways downtown for the UNICEF briefing.

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