Friday, March 04, 2005

Some Things You May Not Know About Baslow

1. Baslow has been a vegetarian since 1979. He is an ovo-lacto vegetarian. He claims no principle whatsoever in this. He just gags on meat, fish, fowl.

2. Baslow cannot drive. He never learned. He never wanted to learn. This has insured that Baslow can live in only a very few areas in the United States.

3. Baslow cannot swim. He used to have a thing about water on his head and face. Took only baths, not showers, into his late teenage years. He's over it now but he can't say he likes water even now.

4. Baslow has a "bad stomach". Do not be surprised if, in his presence, you hear a liquid gurgle every now and then or catch a whiff of...well, never mind.

5. Baslow has been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.

6. Baslow has a herniated disc in his lower back. It happened when he was in graduate school in Austin, where he first got fat. Baslow was in the habit of wandering, absent-mindedly, along the sidewalks of Austin. Unfortunately, Austin occassionaly presents the ambulator with curbs that fail to meet the level of the street by six inches, nine inches, even more. The absent-minded ambulator can find himself stepping off a curb and coming down hard. This can have bad consequences for the shock-absorption parts of the body.

7. Baslow is an atheist. He is not an atheist activist but he does not believe in any supernatural beings. Baslow can be considered a Bright.

8. Baslow deeply regrets not having finished graduate school and doing research in Sociolinguistics. He imagines that, if he had done so, he would now be working on issues pertaining to conversational interaction within Cognitive Science.


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