Thursday, March 03, 2005

Baslow's Politics

Baslow has kept his politics almost entirely out of this weblog. That does not mean, however, that he has kept his politics out of weblogs. His wife was instrumental in starting, a few weeks ago, a political discussion group which is being called, for now, "The Inwood Progressives". Baslow has undertaken to provide them with, among other things, a Weblog. They are a tentative bunch when it comes to the Web, however, and almost all of the postings so far have been Baslow's. He has restricted himself until now to posting links with brief summaries. This seemed to be the best way to get people comfortable with blogs. He is contemplating, however, jumping into editorializing, in the hopes that other members of the group will, in turn, post THEIR opinions online. Any suggestions as to how to goose lurkers into actually contributing will be studied carefully...

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