Monday, March 19, 2001


Mrs. Baslow was sick over the weekend. Freshly back from chaperoning David's eighth-grade class trip to D.C., she came down with something a little cold-like, only with headache and some stomach upset. She spent much of the weekend in bed.

Rulizow was sick, as well. She ran a fever and threw up a few times. As is traditional, she camped out in the living room. She slept on an unfolded futon rather than in her platform bed...the better to rush to the bathroom, if necessary. Her headache and stomachache prevented her from doing most of the things she likes to do when idle; she couldn't bear to listen to music or watch television. She couldn't concentrate well enough to enjoy having a book read to her. She did, however, request that Baslow and the Mrs. sit on the other futon in the living room and conduct conversations. She found that comforting.

David was not sick but he was certainly pensive all weekend. This is understandable. He still has much to process.

Baslow himself was mildly off-center. He felt listless. There was a mild sting in his eyes and the back of his throat. He, too, lay low.

David has, this morning, headed off to school. Baslow will go to work in a few minutes. Rulizow has felt well enough to eat a couple of slices of toast this morning. She is now watching a videotape of "Beauty and the Beast". Mrs. Baslow will rest today.

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