Friday, February 16, 2001


Soundprint is a long-running radio documentary series. Starting with their 1999 season, each half-hour episode has been archived on the Web. Here is an alphabetical list of all the archived programs.

And here is a selected list, to give you an idea of the sorts of programs they air:

"Today, researches are conducting serious studies of telepathy, flying saucers, crystal power, orgone energy, telekinesis -- but is this science? Our program looks at the standards of methodology and proof as science tries to explain the real world around us."

Voices From the Dustbowl
"Many of the Okies and Arkies who poured into California at the height of the Dust Bowl ended up in migrant camps set up by the federal government. Using Library of Congress recorded interviews with the 1935-40 farm worker emigrants, our program tells their stories - about why they left, conditions along the way, life in the camps, and what life was like for a rural farmer back home."

The Message Behind the Media
"In Ontario, Canada, a class of high school students are taught to apply the critical tools they use to study books, poetry and short stories, to analyze the popular culture of movies, music and television. The media literacy course is mandatory in the Ontario school system and is being studied by other schools as a model. Students are learning to dissect the message behind the media to come to an understanding of the values of a consumer culture."

The Truth Behind the Liar
"How good are you at detecting lies? Lying is pervasive in everyday life, and researchers are learning fascinating things about how and why humans practice deception, and why lies can be hard to detect. Producer Judith Kampfner takes us into the lab to learn about the scientific detection of lying, the psychological reasons why people lie, and why some people are afraid to lie."

The Fogo Island Accordion Girls
"A group of five teenage girls on Fogo Island, off the coast of Newfoundland, are preserving traditional culture with their accordion playing. But that doesn't mean they don't like to listen to heavy metal. Listen to the half-hour radio documentary, produced by Heather Barrett of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation."

Speaking with One Heart: The Mayan Languages of Mexico
"The Spanish conquistadors banned Indian languages and their priests burned scrolls of Mayan writings, but the Mayan words could not be silenced. Producer Katie Davis visits Robert Laughlin, an anthropologist who has lived with and studied the evolving language of the Mayans of Chiapas since 1960. They travel through the villages, hamlets and homes of Chiapas to discover the power of language in culture."

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