Thursday, February 15, 2001


Tom and Ed seem to be catching some flak for their reviews of weblogs on Blog You!**3. (See the January 13th entries at both Ed's and Tom's blogs.) You will find no complaints here. We at the Baslow household have taken great pride and much amusement in the review Baslow's Electric OmniumGatherum has received. We treasure the four-and-a-half Sutherlands the site has garnered (marked up from four!). The Baslow children have taken to referring to their old man as a "feces-flinging monkey" and making cage-rattling noises when he says things with which they disagree. Mrs. Baslow, for her part, cites Baslow's "fluid transition to sputtering senility" frequently, to her friends. Emboldened by the accolades he received, Baslow made his "secret identity" public at his workplace and was rewarded with no end of questions about Tom and Ed: "Who are these guys? Do they matter? Are you going to sue?". In response, Baslow just smiles. He advises everyone else to do the same.

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