Monday, February 19, 2001


2/24/01 Baslow's son has requested that Baslow no longer refer to him as "El Omnipotente". He suggested the name as a joke and it has worn thin. Baslow has agreed to go back a few posts and change "El Omnipotente" to "David". Confused?

David has consented to allow Baslow to tell you, Dear Reader, about his reporting for Children's Express, a news organization which produces stories by young reporters and editors for distribution to adult print, broadcast and interactive media. He joined Children's Express a little more than three years ago. In that time he has worked on dozens of stories, on a wide range of subjects. He has spoken with government officials, businesspeople, artists, scientists, health professionals, activists and, of course, kids of all kinds. He has travelled to Los Angeles to be part of CE's coverage of the Democratic National Convention. He's learned to collect facts, ask questions, and skeptically examine the answers. When, later this year, he becomes an editor he will gain experience in gathering together the research, the questions, and the answers to write a story.

His involvement with CE has given Baslow's son a voice in the world. It has allowed him to turn his serious concerns about the world into action. It has equipped him to seek answers to complicated questions. The Baslow family is proud of what he has accomplished.

Here are some of the stories David has worked on:

Boys Feel Image Pressures, Too
Harlem Gets Its Groove Back, But At What Expense?
School Segregation Thrives, Group Says
A Vote for Hollywood (a transcript and RealAudio version of this story is available here--contrary to the caption, this story appeared as part of NPR's live coverage of the Democratic Convention, NOT on "All Things Considered")
Life After a Spinal Cord Injury
Monsters in the Closet - When Kids Can't Sleep
A Drunk Driver Killed Her Brother (his first story for CE)

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