Saturday, February 24, 2001


1/26/01 -- India Earthquake NPR's Michael Sullivan reports that a powerful earthquake has killed more than two thousand people in India, and the death toll is expected to rise. The epicenter was in the city of Bhuj in the western state of Gujarat, close to India's border with Pakistan. Hospitals in Gujarat have been flooded with injured people. Rescue workers are using chain saws and their bare hands, as they to reach people believed to be trapped in rubble. (3:00)

1/26/01 -- Earthquake in India NPR's Michael Sullivan reports from India on the earthquake that shook the region early this morning. The earthquake is the worst in 50 years. 140 people are feared dead. (3:18)

1/26/01 -- Earthquake Robert talks with Star News correspondent Harsha Kumarisingh, who is at the site of the earthquake in India. Thousands of people are now counted dead, and workers are combing the rubble of collapsed buildings in hope of finding survivors. (4:30)

1/27/01 -- India - Earthquake NPR's Michael Sullivan reports from Ahmedabad, India where the death toll from Friday's earthquake is expected to rise to 13, 000. The quake, which registered 7. 9 in magnitude, devastated cities in the western state of Gujarat and has left tens of thousands of people homeless. (5:15)

1/27/01 -- Seismologist Perspective Seismologists who have been studying tectonic plates beneath India were surprised by the location of the earthquake, because it happened in an area where fault lines had not been detected. As a result of the earthquake, the new seismographic information could have both scientific and political consequences. Host Lisa Simeone speaks with Jeffrey Park, professor of geology and geophysics at Yale University. (3:00)

1/28/01 -- India Quake Liane talks with NPR's Michael Sullivan who's in Bhuj, India, near the epicenter of Friday's earthquake. Damage there is extensive. Government officials say the quake has claimed more than 6000 lives, with the death toll expected to rise. (4:00)

1/28/01 -- Epicenter Host Lisa Simeone talks with NPR's Michael Sullivan who's currently in the city of Bhuj, India, considered the worst hit area of last Friday's earthquake (5:30)

1/29/01 -- India Earthquake NPR's Michael Sullivan reports from India on the continuing rescue efforts following Friday's earthquake. The quake had a magnitude of 7.9 and at least 15,000 people are reported dead.

1/29/01 -- India Quake Robert talks to Harsha Kumarisingh, a correspondent for Star News, about the aftermath of last week's 7.9 magnitude earthquake in India. An estimated 20,000 people were killed. And the Indian government now estimates monetary losses of the quake at 5.5 billion dollars. Officials are now concentrating on restoring services to the Indian state of Gujarat. (4:30)

1/30/01 -- Earthquake Aftermath Host Bob Edwards speaks with NPR's Eric Weiner about last week's earthquake in India. Rescue efforts are becoming recovery efforts as the hope of finding survivors fades. (4:31)

1/30/01 - India Update NPR's Eric Weiner reports that rescuers, looking for survivors of Friday's massive earthquake in western India, managed to find a few more people still alive today. They had almost given up hope for finding more survivors. Indian officials now estimate that at least 20-thousand people were killed in the disaster. This would make it the worst earthquake to strike India in a half-century. (4:00)

1/31/01 - Earthquake Recovery NPR's Eric Weiner reports from Bhuj, India, with the latest on the earthquake recovery effort. (4:19)

1/31/01 -- India Quake Noah talks with NPR's Michael Sullivan about the recovery efforts from the earthquake in India. Relief workers have more work than they can handle. There has been outcry against the government for the slow response. And the number of dead is still rising. Government officials say the body count is now 12-thousand, and they estimate the total death toll will reach 25-thousand. (3:30)

2/1/01 -- India Recovery NPR's Michael Sullivan reports from India with the latest on the earthquake recovery. (4:02)

2/1/01 -- India's Public NPR's Eric Weiner reports from the western Indian city of Bhuj on relief operations by international aid agencies and private volunteers who have responded to last Friday's earthquake more quickly than the Indian government. (4:00)

2/2/01 -- India Earthquake Survivor A young man in college in the U.S. went home to India recently for a family reunion-- and was the only member of his family to survive the earthquake. NPR's Michael Sullivan reports. (3:39)

2/2/01 Talk of the Nation: Earthquake Update

Mary Lou Zoback
Chief Scientist
Earthquake Hazards Program
United States Geological Survey, Menlo Park, California

Michel Bruneau
Deputy Director
Multidisciplinary Center for Earthquake Engineering Research
State University of New York at Buffalo, Buffalo, New York

Craig Weaver
Pacific Northwest Coordinator, USGS Earthquake Program
United States Geological Survey, Seattle, Washington

Recent earthquakes in India and El Salvador have killed thousands of people and left many wondering how we might better prepare for earthquakes. In this hour, we'll hear about the 'quake in India and find out what scientists know about the seismic activity in the area. We'll also hear about new earthquake research taking place in the Pacific northwest--what's under Seattle might surprise you.

2/3/01 -- Indian Earthquake Cleanup Scott speaks with NPR's Eric Weiner about the clean-up effort in western India following last week's devastating earthquake, which left more than 10,000 dead. (6:00)

2/4/01 - Quake NPR's Eric Weiner reports from Ahmedabad, India, that officials have begun the enormous task of calculating the human and economic cost of the earthquake. The government of India is asking The World Bank and the Asian Development Bank for some $1.5 billion to help rebuild Gujarat, the industrial center hit hardest by the earthquake. (5:00)

2/5/01 -- Earthquake Building Codes In the week since the devastating earthquake in India, many have asked a familiar question: Why doesn't the government enforce earthquake building codes? Martha Ann Overland looks at corruption in the Indian construction industry. (4:23)

2/7/01 -- India Relief , Host Bob Edwards talks with Daniel Wordsworth leader of the Christian Children's Fund relief team in India. The group is trying to provide help for children who were victims of the recent earthquake. (4:38)

2/11/01 -- Earthquake Revisited Two weeks after a 7-point-7 magnitude earthquake hit India, some villages are just beginning to receive tents to temporarily replace their damaged homes. NPR's Michael Sullivan reports from Varsamadhi. (6:00)

2/12/01 -- India Recovery NPR's Michael Sullivan reports from India, 17 days after that nation's worst earthquake in 50 years. With aftershocks still shaking the ground and anywhere from 600,000 to one million left homeless, the challenge is now feeding, caring and housing the victims. (5:42)

2/18/01 -- Caste In India Essayist Ellis Cose just visited the Indian state of Gujurat. The recent Indian earthquake highlighted for Cose the persistent discrimination against the lowest level in the Indian caste system, the Dalit, or untouchables. (3:35)

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