Friday, January 12, 2001

Not Much

Baslow's spouse, who normally consults with clients in their homes, holds a support group every other Wednesday and has office hours on Fridays. On these occasions, Baslow and spouse try to go downtown together, a little early, to spend time with each other at Starbucks before they go to work.

Time together is hard to carve out. Their apartment is small (by prevailing middle-class American standards) and the offspring seem always to be occupying all available space.

Starbucks, by contrast, is just about right. The music, usually jazz and swing from the forties -- or even thirties , is not played too loud. The small table induces intimacy.

Baslow usually orders just a double shot of espresso but, on special occasions, will indulge in one of the more elaborate concoctions. Baslow's spouse is most fond of their Maple Oat Scones and Ginger Biscotti.

It isn't much. It isn't a night out on the town. They lean into each other and remind themselves that they were a couple before they were even sure they could have children. They gossip and joke. They worry. They commiserate. They speculate about the future.

It isn't much. It is enough.

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