Sunday, December 31, 2000

Shakespeare Is Dead, by Michael Bogdanov
Second in the series of lectures Shakespeare For The Millennium,
organized by BBC Radio 3 and the literature department of the Royal Festival Hall.

From the lecture:

"Quote: 'Discuss the nature of justice in Measure For Measure'. Students are side-tracked away from the political implications of the Duke's action into an abstract debate. No marks for saying you'd rather discuss how the scum bag Duke gets the girl. Macbeth is about evil, no marks for saying evil is an abstract concept and that the play is more about existential choice, the nature of power, and the appropriation of Scotland, etc. ... ... for speculating on what deal Malcolm did with the English to get the loan of 10,000 troops. And if Duncan was such a good King, why has he got two Scottish clans, the Irish, the Western Isles, and a Norwegian army up his arse?

"Romeo And Juliet is about destiny, the fates, star-crossed lovers, argh, what a lovely story. No marks for saying the play is about social irresponsibility of the adult world, the deaths of the kids, the result of an unthinking callous society that barters women to the highest bidders"

An audio recording of the broadcast lecture (along with others in the series) can be found here:
BBC ONLINE - Radio 3 - Speech - Shakespeare

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