Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pulling a Tinkerbell

I stand accused, in semi-public, of being a thieving, traitorous hijacker merely for having started this website.  I will spare you the details unless you ask me to share them but be warned:  it isn't as interesting as it sounds.  Let me say that I believe that my motives have been misinterpreted and the facts of the matter misunderstood; the accusation has NOT caused me to go into any tailspins of self-doubt.  Those accusations do, however, make me wonder if this site is worth continuing.  This question, in turn, leads me to pose a question which I hadn't intended to pose for a few months yet:  Should I continue this website?  Do you care if it lives or dies?  Clap if you believe in fairies (I know I'll be sorry I said that...)

Putting this website together has been an effort and keeping it going will require an ongoing effort.  If you would like to see it continue please either comment below or send an email to "ptgreview" at  I'm thinking ten or fifteen "yeas" will be enough to convince me to keep going for awhile...

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