Monday, September 28, 2009

Climate Change: Get Real

1) offers a very useful list of articles collectively entitled "How to Talk to a Climate Skeptic"

2) Dr. Saul Griffith  was a MacArthur Fellow in 2007 and runs a renewable energy company; His blog is .

I have watched both parts of a Web seminar he gave last week on the topic of energy literacy and I am very glad I did. He takes an engineering/design approach to questions of energy usage, shows lots of graphs illustrating various aspects of the situation, and ends up presenting the audience with some very thought-provoking, fact-based ways of thinking about our current circumstances.  Although I've seen some of the statistics he cites before I don't believe I have ever seen them in quite this way.  Very effective, IMHO:

Part 1:  O'Reilly Webinar on Energy Literacy, part 1

Part 2:  O'Reilly Webinar on Energy Literacy, part 2  (about 20 minutes into this one there is a slight glitch; the slide does not advance so he is talking about a slide you can't see.  It's not a problem on your computer, it's a problem with the conferencing software and it is resolved within a few minutes).

Each of the above are about 35-40 minutes long, so it requires an investment of time.

You can preview a little of what he says in these short videos from a different presentation he made, this one in person:

CompostModern, clip 1

CompostModern, clip 2

This video is 1.5 hours; from the first half hour I've watched it seems to cover pretty much exactly the same factual ground as the two-parter above.  I found it interesting, however, in that he delivers the presentation live, to a packed house.  This leads him to make many asides (and jokes) which I found interesting and often useful.  The slides are much harder to read, though:

Climate Change Recalculated

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