Monday, August 07, 2006

Yet Another Attempt To Resucitate This Sucker

It seems that all my energies have gone into posting photos to flickr, for some time now. Recently I discovered, which permits me to arrange the photos into nice, poster-like presentations. Maybe this will be the spur I need to start posting to this long-neglected blog. I give you one of my first tabblo's, My Daughter Ruth

Tabblo: My Daughter Ruth

My daughter is a person of many moods and many faces. She is a constant source of surprise and (among other things) delight. ... See my Tabblo>


Mr. H.K. said...

Thanks for the tip on Tabblo.... I gotta check it out.!

Thanks for the post on Halston over at my place!

Pretty daughter, too, BTW!

Antonio said...

This is a fabulous tabblo, I hope your daughter likes being show-cased.