Monday, April 11, 2005

Out of "Into the Woods"

The second and final weekend of performances of Pied Piper Children's Theater's production of "Into the Woods" was nothing short of magical. Word-of-mouth and a rave review in a local newspaper led to packed houses at every performance. The kids in both casts rose to the occasion, delivering performances of remarkable sophistication. Their hard work over the last few months clearly was paying dividends. The whole community seemed to walk on air all weekend.

At the end of the final performance the director delivered a tribute to Joel, who was appearing for the last time in a Pied Piper community performance. Joel had not been told it would happen and seemed both very happy and slightly chagrined. His performance in a small role in this production was a standout, quite funny and accomplished. The director pointed out the contrast between this role and his previous role as Hamlet, noting that it was good to see Joel get a chance to be goofy on stage.

Ruth's performance was remarkable. She just turned 14 but people who didn't know (and even some who did) came away with the impression that she was 18. Hers was a more complex, meatier role than Joel's and she really made us proud, portraying a range of emotions and singing like a dream.

More pictures have been posted and I though I would share them with you.

Ruth: (a face in the crowd)


To really get an idea of these extraordinary performances you really need to see pictures of the entire cast at work:

Omega cast:

Alpha cast:

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