Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Ruth was accepted at LaGuardia High School!

Ruth - LaGuardia Acceptance Letter
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We are very proud of our girl! There was much excitement in the Baslow household last night. Calls of congratulations came in every few minutes. Ruth has applied to several other high schools so we will wait for their responses before Ruth makes her final decision. This is, in any case, wonderful news and a terrific affirmation. This is one talented girl we have here.

Here is the website of LaGuardia High School.

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julie halston said...

Ruth what can I say?? I am thrilled for you-- A friend of mine just saw a show there a week ago and said it was the best thing she's seen in ages!!! It is THE performance high school -- more to come no doubt but MAZEL TOV Love Julie Hairspray Halaton