Monday, February 28, 2005

Our Story So Far

Well, boys and girls, yesterday's exciting adventure left Baslow resolved to undertake a Major Life Change in order to Get Much Healthier. Here is a report on his efforts so far:

a) Baslow took a long walk, camera in hand, around his neigborhood;
b) Baslow received much encouragement (and, so far, no ridicule) from Web well-wishers.(He is not certain whether the preceding link will work for people who are not registered users --- but try it and see);
c) Baslow had his son haul out the aerobic step platform while the family was gathered in the living room to watch the Oscars and spent twenty minutes slowly (anaerobically) stepping on and off the platform. His knees hurt a few times, causing him to stop for about half a minute here and there but he regards this as a good start;
d) Baslow made sure to go to bed by 11 PM (before most of the major Oscar winners were announced) in order to get seven hours of sleep by six A.M.;
e) Baslow awoke at six AM, did his back exercises, briefly checked his email, had a breakfast of microwaved frozen fruit (unsweetened), multigrain flakes, and skim milk, initiated his BalanceLog food diary on his PC and synced it to his Handspring Visor; performed his bathroom rituals, dressed, and headed for the health club by 7:30 AM.
f) Baslow arrived at the health club at 8:30 and drew quizzical stares from members of the staff who'd thought he had died, since it had been so long since they'd last seen him. He changed into a fetching outfit of gym shorts, tee shirt, gym socks and training shoes and headed for the elliptical exercisers;
g) He managed to maintain an average of 60 RPM for 28 minutes, until the cooldown period. The workout summary on the LifeCycle indicated that he'd consumed 490 calories and covered 2.6 miles during his session. He showered and headed to work;
h) At about 10:30 he had a bowl of fruit, fresh cantaloupe, strawberries, pineapple chunks, and grapes. He also had his first (and, he hopes, only) cup of caffeine for the day;
i) His blood sugar level at about noon was 126ml/dL;
j) For lunch, at 12:30 PM, he had a salad, a cup of skim milk, 12 ounces of water, and a whole-wheat roll with half a pat of butter (an indulgence, he knows). The salad had greens, red and yellow peppers, broccoli, tomato, mixed chickpeas and kidney beans, some roasted vegetables in a balsamic vinaigrette, and a bit of white bean salad;
k) He forgot to use the stairs rather than the elevator getting back to his office.


Anonymous said...

[crfullmoon here]
Hey, good eating.
That salad is making me hungry. Did you have to make it yourself?

You can do the stairs tomorrow.

baslow said...

Luckily, the firm where I work sponsors an excellent cafeteria with a wonderful salad bar!