Friday, January 28, 2005


This is one of the photos I posted to the "Pictures With Stories" group at today. I originally posted it without comments but that didn't really comply with the rules of the group. I needed to add a comment, to make the picture into more of a story. The story I added was about how this particular comment had made me think of my childhood.

" I thought that this comment was funny...and apt. We did, all of us, have to find some way to cheer up.

When I was a boy, attending Jewish religious schools, I was taught by a number of survivors of the Holocaust.

Some of them barely showed signs of the horrors they had withstood; only in a wince here, a comment there, did they reveal those experiences.

Others were ghosts, zombies. They seemed to be dragged down by too many bad memories to be able to function fully in the present. They were never happy.

As a youngster, barely understanding the source of all this pain, I thought that they needed to cheer up."

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