Friday, September 03, 2010


Laure Parsons is a media professional with several years of experience in production and distribution, a filmmaker who is currently working on a documentary, and something of a presence in the Indie film world.  If you will be at SXSW next March you may see her on some panels--maybe even hosting one or two.  She is a semi-regular attendee of the Frunches which a bunch of us have been holding at Soy & Sake down in the West Village.  These lunchtime discussions tend to focus on questions of the (wretched) current state of copyright law, alternative licensing for creative works, and Free Culture in general.  She keeps us on our toes; although she agrees with many of us that the current state of affairs is intolerable (bad for creators and dangerous for the future of our culture) she does not necessarily agree with us on all the measures to be taken.  We have had many fascinating discussions (and disagreements) about what measure ought and ought not to be taken, which proposals are feasible and which not.
Laure was recently in a bicycle accident involving a van and she sustained injuries that kept her in bandages for a while.  Today, at Frunch, however I realized that she was back on her bike when she pulled out her helmet and donned it.  Maybe we will call her the Unstoppable Laure Parsons.

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