Tuesday, August 03, 2010

ASCAP Hacked!

Hackers have apparently hacked ASCAP's website and, in a related attack, Peter Himmelman's YouTube account in order to plant this hoax video, which renders in ludicrous, reductio ad absurdum, terms certain claims the organization has been making about artists' need for strong copyright protection...

It has been suggested that the hacker is Himmelman himself, who has been cited for his  "non-sequiturs"which are "semi-lgendary"  but nobody acquainted with the humility of the man takes this suggestion seriously.

In a masterpiece of subtle subversion the hackers have included, on the ASCAP page, the following recommendation:


If you are a music creator and want to help spread the message that you value your work and deserve to be compensated for it, we encourage you to view Himmelman's video and share it with your friends and fans via YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace or any other method you choose. A suggested Tweet/Facebook post is below."

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