Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Into 'Into the Woods'

Stephen Sondheim's 'Into the Woods' has been enjoying an unprecedented popularity in these parts, among organizations of performing youngsters. 'Riverdale Rising Stars' had a production a few months ago. 'City Lights' had a production very recently. Stuyvesant High School had its production within the last week or two, if I recall correctly.

In early April it will be the turn of the Pied Piper Children's Theater. Both Ruth and Joel have roles in one or other of the two casts. Ruth will play the Baker's Wife and Joel will play Rapunzel's Prince.

For weeks now, this has meant music coming from all over our small apartment. The DVD is played regularly in the living room to be studied by one or the other of our kids. Songs from the show can be heard behind bedroom doors and at the front door as the kids return from rehearsal. The music emerges from the bathroom periodically as somebody practices in the shower.

This mostly makes Baslow and Bev happy although it can sometimes be a little much. The kids are happy too, despite the rigors of the show. Mostly.

Over the weekend I heard Joel, who was grappling with a particularly Sondheimian labyrinth of melody, wonder out loud what drugs he must have ingested to have composed the work.

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Lou said...

Hello, I was Rupunzel's prince in Into the Woods this summer. It is a great show, tell your kids good luck.