Monday, August 06, 2001


Last Friday, August 3, NPR's All Things Considered ran a piece on the demise of Children's Express. Unfortunately, the piece left the impression that the New York Bureau of Children's Express has been evicted from its office and is now dead. Neither of these is quite true. The reporters, editors, and friends of the New York Bureau have banded together to create a new organization that will carry forward the original spirit of Robert Clampitt's Children's Express and will build upon the work done at the New York Bureau before the collapse. This new organization does not have a name or much money yet. It elected to move out of its current office in August because the rent was more than it could afford. It has found new space in which to store its files and equipment and in which, at the end of August, it will be able to set up new operations. The name Children's Express may be a thing of the past but the remarkable spirit and achievements which that name stood for WILL carry on.

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