Monday, April 30, 2001


David was part of a Children's Express team that conducted the interview reported in this story posted at the New York Post's site: "Surgeon general Discusses Children's Mental Health". He has aslo contributed to this Reporter's Notebook on Body Image

Thursday, April 26, 2001


The MRI last Friday revealed a nerve pinched between a neck spur and a bulging disk. There was plenty of good news: no neural damage, the disk is intact, no surgery required. Baslow merely requires physical therapy, which he has already begun. He cannot stand or even sit for very long without experiencing a heightened level of pain. He cannot work at the keyboard for more than ten minutes. He will not be able to return to work for a week or (more likely) two.



Both Rulizow and David have attended classes at City Lights Youth Theater, which is featured in this article in the New York Times,
"Students by Day, Stars at Night: Acting at City Lights"

Friday, April 20, 2001


Baslow seems to have a pinched nerve in his neck or shoulder. An MRI later today should clarify the matter. His left arm and shoulder are painful and his left hand is numb. Please excuse his failure to update this weblog, Dear Reader. He will resume regular updates as soon as he is able.

Friday, April 13, 2001


At about 9 A.M. this morning, as Baslow emerged from the subway into the enormous main chamber of Grand Central Station, two rounds of applause rose up from the balcony nearest 42nd Street.

This incongruity momentarily befuddled Baslow. Grand Central is rarely the scene of such concerted action -- Brownian motion, writ large, is more the rule.

Was it an unveiling or an opening? Had there just been some remarkable display of talent or magnanimity? Was the world, in that instant, finally coming to a full realization of the significance of Baslow's presence in its midst?

Baslow would be happy to share the answer with you, Dear Reader, if only he knew.

It must remain one of life's little mysteries.


Baslow is proud to point out that his daughter's weblog is, as of this writing, the 27th highest-rated weblog at Bloghop, with a rating of 72%.
You go, grrrrl!

Thursday, April 12, 2001


A few little words is all it takes to turn your rational brain to jelly

"Only one of the following statements about a particular hand of cards is true:

There is a king in the hand, or an ace, or both.

There is a queen in the hand, or an ace, or both.

There is a jack in the hand, or a ten, or both.

Is it possible that there is an ace in the hand?

On first examination the answer seems obvious: yes. But ask a formally programmed computer the same question and it will tell you the opposite. If there is an ace, then the first two statements are true. But the puzzle explicitly states that only one statement is true. So an ace is not possible.

Johnson-Laird tested Princeton University students with this problem, and 99 per cent of them got it wrong."

Wednesday, April 11, 2001


Rulizow attended, and successfully completed, her training at Children's Express today. She is now officially a member of the New York Bureau's reportorial staff...and has the certificate to prove it. Within the next week or so she will probably be choosing which story she wants to work on first. The Baslow family had dinner delivered from Hoppin' Jalapenos by way of celebration.

DVD glasses promise relaxation at dentist's

Tuesday, April 10, 2001


Both Rulizow and David have the week off from school.

Today, Mrs. Baslow took Rulizow and her friends K. and E. to the American Museum of the Moving Image in Queens. At the museum they got to dub their own voices over famous film clips, make flip-books of themselves, and superimpose costumes from various movies onto pictures of themselves projected onto a screen. They saw Ben-Hur's chariot and the restaurant set from Seinfeld.

Tomorrow, Rulizow will attend beginning-reporter training at Children's Express.


Children's Express has reprinted the story "Cub Reporters From US Kids-Only News Agency Are Humbled By Bhuj Experience", which originally ran in the Sunday Times of India on March 16th. There is a picture of the print version of the article.


Researchers have reported isolating stem cells in human fat extracted from liposuction patients. Some of us who are of the rotund persuasion look forward to the day when the Red Cross runs fat drives in our neighborhoods.

Monday, April 09, 2001


MULTICS without balls...

then what was the question?

Sunday, April 08, 2001


Rulizow's weblog promises pictures "if her dad gets a scanner". The scanner was purchased and installed a few weeks ago and we've learned to use it (and the accompanying image-manipulation software) well enough to essay our first picture postings. Since Blogspot doesn't seem to afford us the ability to upload images, we have created a Geocities site for Rulizow's pictures.

David's AIDS Walk
David has registered to join AIDS Walk New York, to be held on Sunday, May 20th. He has begun to enlist sponsors, each of whom pledges a minimum of $25 to support his efforts. This is the second year David will have participated. He got involved in AIDS Walk, last year, entirely on his own... without any prodding from us, without even requiring any encouragement from us. He came home one day and told us he was thinking of doing it and the next thing we knew he WAS doing it.

Richard Nixon
All the President's Men has been a favorite DVD of David's for a while now. After having seen the movie five or six times he went on to read the book...and then viewed the movie several times more. Rulizow has, in her way, caught the bug. She has latched onto the movie Dick. Though well-reviewed in many quarters it sank without a trace after its release in August, 1999. It deserves a second look -- it is a funny take on Nixon, Watergate, Woodward and Bernstein, and the early Seventies. We rented it, once again, this weekend. Rulizow watched it one-and-a-half times and then invited her friend E. over to the house and watched it again. Then, for good measure, they watched All The President's Men.

Almost Famous
The practice of journalism in the early '70's was a second theme of the weekend. We rented Almost Famous and watched it with David on Saturday. Although much has been made of the film's affection for the Rock music scene of the time somewhat less attention has been paid to its story of the protagonist's coming-of-age as a journalist. His first and enduring mentor is Lester Bangs, a journalist who loves the music but who will not compromise his integrity by getting too close to the people who make the music. Towards the end of the film William, Cameron Crowe's lightly fictionalized stand-in, faces the conflict of loyalties to the people he's been covering on one hand and to the ethics of dispassionate journalism on the other. Although the film was rich with the atmosphere of the period it depicted we in the Baslow family found ourselves just as interested in young William the chronicler.

Saturday, April 07, 2001


Baslow would seem to be suffering from Blogger's Block. He just can't manage to pull together the elements of a post. He begs your pardon. He hopes to resume his communications with you soon.

Thank you.

Tuesday, April 03, 2001


Rulizow is averaging a post a month to her weblog. When she posts, however, she really posts! She's started writing a book entitled Things That Get Whacked Up and the first Thing is yet another version of the Cinderella story. Check it out. If you think reading her stories is a hoot you can imagine what living with her is like...