Friday, March 02, 2001


David called Baslow at work, just an hour ago. He was in the hotel in Mumbai. His normal thirteen-year-old laconic-with-parents manner was exaggerated by sheer dog-tiredness after such a long flight.

He mentioned having eaten a delectable dessert during the stopover at the Amsterdam airport. Baslow hastily ascertained that the dessert would be legal in the United States. David said that, apart from being tired, he was fine.

There wasn't much more to say after that (and others were waiting to use the phone) so Baslow bade his son goodbye. He will likely not hear from him directly again until next Tuesday or Wednesday. He may have to wait until David's return to New York to hear any substantive accounts of his experiences.

Meanwhile, Baslow is informed, there are many media outlets which have expressed interest in the story of the intrepid Children's Express reporters. Baslow will pass on to you, Dear Reader, any reports he has of any media coverage. He asks that, should you run across any media accounts, you let Baslow know by means of the "Click Here to Comment" link below or by the email link labelled "Respond. Correspond." to the left.

Thank you.

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